Medical Illustrations for Use During Mediation

November 4, 2014

Custom medical illustration exhibits are often used during trial to educate the jury about anatomy, pathology and surgery.  The old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words might be a cliché, but medical visualizations have been found to be highly effective in aiding a juror’s understanding of complex medical subjects.

During mediation, when there is no jury, medical illustrations can be useful in many ways.  The certified medical illustrators at Compel Visuals are skilled in creating medical illustrations and graphics that make mediation quicker and easier and may increase the economic outcome of your case.

Here are some ways in which using medical illustrations for use during mediation may benefit you:

•A summary illustration (as seen in Figure 1 below) can support medical records and visually demonstrate all the injuries and surgeries an individual has sustained. This type of illustration can give the mediator a quick snapshot of the most important facts of the case.


Figure 1

fig 1

• A series of medical illustrations included in a settlement packet can immediately educate the mediator on the damages and help facilitate a quick and comprehensive understanding of the case and its medical components.

•A clear, visually-descriptive mediation illustration can often have the impact that will lead to a quicker and higher settlement.

Here are some thoughts from Compel Visuals’ client Victor Long, Past-President of the Trial Lawyers Association of Metropolitan Washington, DC.

I often have cases that do not involve catastrophic injuries, but could benefit from reasonably priced medical illustrations.  In those cases the usual high price of illustrations has prevented me showing the injury effectively. Your illustrations had the effect I wanted … the attorneys and insurance personnel immediately took a more serious view. I was able to bring about settlements that were better than I could have done without them. I was impressed by how easy it was to work with your staff and how quickly you provided accurate materials. In each case my client was pleased with the illustration, the reasonable expense and a good quick settlement of their claim.

Victor Long, Partner, Regan Zambri Long & Bertram, PLLC


Compel Visuals offers reasonably-priced mediation illustrations starting at $600.00 for cases involving personal injury.  As seen in the samples below, these illustrations, created based on the plaintiff’s medical records, elucidate the injuries and surgeries in one simple illustration.

Let Compel Visuals help you with your next mediation.  The process is quick and easy.  Please contact us for an estimate.  We also have many generic exhibits available on various medical subjects including concussion, hematomas, stroke, spinal stenosis, disc herniation, shoulder injuries, back injuries, and knee injuries.

Sample Exhibits

fig 2


fig 3


fig 4





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